Jeff is very well versed in many tattoo styles, such as Polynesian inspired, tribal, and other ornamental styles of black work.

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Jacob makes traditional Americana inspired imagery, primarily in color, but isn't afraid of black and gray. He has been known to enjoy tribal and pattern work tattoos as well.

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Kyle specializes in heavy black illustrative tattoos. He also is known to throw some color around every once in a while, so don't be afraid to ask.

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Zak primarily makes traditional style tattoos, but knows how to make your dreams come true in other styles as well, in color or black and gray!

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Joakim makes beautifully rendered traditional tattoos. He enjoys both color and black/grey. Along with making nice tattoos, he is also a really nice guy!

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Derek makes amazing patterns and colorful bold folky tattoos. Whatever you may be wanting, Derek will make it flow really well on your body.

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Nick makes awesome fine line black tattoos. He is also known to do color traditional stuff as well. He works Thursday - Sunday every week by appointment and walk in.

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Tiger Clue Tattoo is located at 1909 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, Oregon, 97212

We are typically an appointment only shop, but try to make time for walk ins when we can. If there is a particular tattooer you would like to get tattooed by, please contact them through their website.

Any questions? Contact the shop at